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We have moved!

Source code of version 2 of uSiteBuilder has been moved to GitHub ( The current repository will stay available for versions 1.x of uSiteBuilder (for support for Umbraco CMS v4.x sites).

uSiteBuilder v2 is now available for download as a NuGet package and there will be no separate download page elsewhere for v2 of uSiteBuilder.

Project Description

uSiteBuilder is a framework made for .NET developers to simplify, speedup and take Umbraco development to next level. Aim of this framework is to reduce developer interaction with Umbraco back-end (browser based development), to create Umbraco websites in a more .NET way...

Here is what you get with the framework:

* Compile time error checks for document types and templates.
* Source controlled document types, templates, user controls etc...
* Support for Unit testing and Continuous Integration.
* Ability to work on large scale projects with multiple team members each having his/her own installation and database.
* Support for automated deployments.
* Much easier code maintenance since development through Umbraco website is reduced to minimum.

Current state of development

Umbraco v6: Use branch 3.0.0
Umbraco v4: Use branch 2.0.0

Useful links

There is a starter kit available at Starter Kit for Umbraco V6 that demonstrates using uSiteBuilder classes as models in MVC.

Additional information is available here: Project Website.

Discussion board on how to use uSiteBuilder is on at:

Discussion board about developing new features, bug fixing and moving the project forward:!forum/usitebuilder-developers

Information about the current work (tasks) can be found at Trello:

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